Pursuing a big Project? Try this out!

Do you find yourself feeling overwhelmed in a project you are pursuing? Do you often find yourself thinking over and over again how much time you have left to complete said project? I know I have. In the Propel program we try to eliminate or at least lessen these stresses. We do this by implementing a Gantt … Continue reading Pursuing a big Project? Try this out!

Having some doubts? Maybe you Need to Re-evaluate your Project’s Purpose.

Do you ever have times where you doubt yourself? Maybe about how good you are at a sport or how well you can sing. Well, for the past couple of months I have constantly been doubting myself about how productive I am. Some-days I know I was super productive, and I couldn’t possibly fit in more … Continue reading Having some doubts? Maybe you Need to Re-evaluate your Project’s Purpose.

“With the End in Mind”

Our teachers constantly tell us “work, with the end in mind”. If your anything like me, you might be a bit confused by this saying at first. To clarify, it essentially means what is your product going to look like when it is completely finished. For example, If you are hosting a fundraiser this might mean you should think about what will it sound like, what activities do you … Continue reading “With the End in Mind”

Finding Excitement in my Education

Everyday for the past week I have been extremely excited to go to school. I know what you may be thinking, “a teenager excited for school?!” Trust me, I have been surprising myself too.  When I wake up in the morning I am like your everyday teenager, groggy and only a little alive inside.  As the morning progresses only a portion of my brain … Continue reading Finding Excitement in my Education